Ethiopia Sidama Morea Lot 22/01
Ethiopia Sidama Morea Lot 22/01

Ethiopia Sidama Morea Lot 22/01

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Tasting Note: Orange Peel | White Grape | Peach | Yuzu | Oolong

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
Heirloom Washed 1800-2200m

Size: 200g / 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brew / Modern Espresso

Ethiopia Morea is back!

Last year, Morea tasted like honey lemon coffee with floral aroma. This latest harvest (lot 22/01), we detected orange zest aroma and tasted white grape acidity upfront, with a mixture of yuzu and peach-like note towards the end.

What is Morea?

Morea is a long-standing product designed by Pebble Coffee - one of the largest and most established coffee traders in Taiwan) - focusing on classic washed coffees from Sidama. The idea is that if someone goes for Morea, he can always expect a clean coffee with honey and citric notes (like lemon or orange), as well as some floral notes.

The Sidama region is like a melting pot for coffees.

Even after Yirgacheffe and Guji zones are separated from Sidama to become independent zones due to their popularity and economic contribution, the Sidama region remains a huge coffee producing zone with size several times bigger than Yirgacheffe and Guji combined. It is so vast that the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) differentiates the Sidama region into Sidama A, B, C, D and E.

With the above knowledge, one should understand that the Sidama region is like a treasure island – the coffees from Sidama can vary a lot in terms of quality even among the Grade 1 coffees. It also, excitingly, means that amazing offerings are buried somewhere among the common ones, awaiting a trained palate to discover them.

On the Naming of the Coffee

At The Crackpots Coffee Roaster, we always try to help beginners and advanced drinkers alike to understand more about coffees. One of our efforts is to explain the various cryptic names of coffees which could be confusing.

Here’s a breakdown of this coffee:


Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a country in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia is said to be where all coffees come from, and coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition which dates back dozens of centuries.

Sidama  A regional state in Southern Ethiopia, famous for coffee production. It used to include the popular coffee zones, Yirgacheffe and Guji.
Morea A long-standing product designed by Pebble Coffee, focusing on classic washed coffees from Sidama region.
G1 Lot 22/01 Grade 1. Ethiopian coffees are graded from 1 to 9. Grade 1-2 are considered specialty grades, Grade 3-9 are considered "commercial".

Lot 22/01 is a codename for raw bean production batches. It means it's the first batch of Morea produced for year 2022 harvest.


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