A Coffee Sanctuary We Create, Together

"The nitty gritty about specialty coffee could be confusing, if not intimidating."

We get that, and we can help.

We aspire to provide a coffee haven in Malaysia where knowledge is shared and passion ignited.

Fear no judgement when you approach us with coffee questions and new ideas - we are more than willing to share what we have learned to help our fellow coffee crackpots to jump onto this wonderful caffeinated journey of no return!

St. Kobean

Rare. quirky. Undefinable.

Meet St. Kobean, our spirit animal to whom we relate on multiple levels.

Remain undiscovered in their own neverland until 1800's, platypus caused an upheaval upon discovery - that's how envision ourselves.

Much like platypus who does not conform to conventions with their quirky appearance and confusing traits, we aspire to stay true to our core and remain lowkey crackpots in our little coffee haven.