Ethiopia Guji Anasora Anaerobic Honey
Ethiopia Guji Anasora Anaerobic Honey

Ethiopia Guji Anasora Anaerobic Honey

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Size: 200g

Tasting Note: Strawberry | Peach Juice | Fruity Gummy | Bergamot | Honey

Varietal: Heirloom

Processing Method: Anaerobic Honey 

Growing Altitude: 2200m

Prior to the use of anaerobic fermentation method, the development of the coffees was never fully understood and controlled – most of them were done by experience, trial and errors, and a bit of luck. Anaerobic fermentation in a tank allows better control with manipulatable pH level, Brix reading (°Bx) and temperature.

The anaerobic honey coffee is made by adding an extra step before the usual processing – they are fermented in an anaerobic environment (usually in a fermentation tank) for 4-6 days. The cherries are then processed per the usual honey processing practice – which is to be de-pulped, but some flesh is left on the seeds when they are being dried in the sun, allowing the sweetness of the fruit flesh to work its wonder during the drying process.

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Background of Anasora

The Anasora washing station is one of the thirteen washing stations under the management of  Kerchanshe Trading PLC, led by Mr Israel Degfa the coffee veteran. After years of managing commercial coffee production in Ethiopia with a focus in volumes, Mr Degfa has recently challenged his coffee company to take a pivot and shifted their direction towards quality, including collaborating with international traders for customisation and experimentation.

If you’re looking for a coffee from long-standing, established washing station managed by experienced coffee producer with multiple international collaborations – you’ve found it.


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