CAFEC Abaca+ Filter Paper
CAFEC Abaca+ Filter Paper
CAFEC Abaca+ Filter Paper
CAFEC Abaca+ Filter Paper
CAFEC Abaca+ Filter Paper

CAFEC Abaca+ Filter Paper

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Size Cup 01 (Flower Dripper / Hario V60 - Size 01)
Quantity (per pack) 100pcs
Material Manilla hemp (abaca)

Under Mr Nakatsuka's leadership, CAFEC's products have become one of the most popular coffee equipment in specialty coffee shops across the world. What's impressive is that they have never slacked or been complacent - through continuous research and development for even better products, CAFEC introduced their latest Abaca+ filter paper in early 2022.

Manufactured with a new innovative technique called "Fine-Grained" method, the paper surface area is increased by narrowing the distance between each crepe, resulting in an even water flowrate due to the uniformity of the paper texture.

The density of the Abaca+ is higher with a smoother surface, while being a little thicker and harder in comparison to the original Abaca. We personally find that Abaca+ allows faster flow rate, which serves as a double-edged sword - good in those who have good flow control, but tend to be clogged with over agitation.

Not only does the filter paper promise good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity, it also meets the traceability standard required by FSC® certificate as an eco-friendly and sustainable filter paper.

FSC® Certified

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