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CAFEC Abaca Filter Paper 01

CAFEC Abaca Filter Paper 01

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Size Cup 01 (Flower Dripper / Hario V60 - Size 01)
Quantity (per pack) 100pcs
Material Manilla hemp (abaca)

"Abaca" or also known as "Manila Hemp" is known for its strength - four times stronger than wood pulp, but the fibre is twice as thin as conifer fibre.

Made in Japan, CAFEC's abaca filter paper boasts “Two-Side Crepe” while other filter paper has crepe on only one-side. Through the manufacturer's original papermaking technology (Air-through dry), there is enough air layer between the paper and dripper so water can flow at an ideal speed. 

Not only does the filter paper promise good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity, it also meets the traceability standard required by FSC® certificate as an eco-friendly and sustainable filter paper.

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