Colombia Huila Finca Monteblanco Rodrigo Sanchez Passion Fruit Washed
Colombia Huila Finca Monteblanco Rodrigo Sanchez Passion Fruit Washed

Colombia Huila Finca Monteblanco Rodrigo Sanchez Passion Fruit Washed

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Tasting Note: Passion Fruit | Mango | Yogurt | Pineapple

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
Purple Cattura Passion Fruit Washed

Size: 200g/ 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brews

The Producers

Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia and Claudia Samboni, the couple behind Finca La Loma, Finca Monteblanco and Finca El Progreso, have poured their heart and soul into coffee farming innovation to push the ever-evolving boundaries of the coffee industries. 

The adventurous Snr Rodrigo cares about coffee innovation so much that the farm have their own laboratories in La Loma to research and develop their own best farming practices, including specific processing method for different varietal from different farms under their management. 

Finca Monteblanco's most recent innovation has been the introduction of additives - before processing cherry, Rodrigo combines a mixture of 10 different yeasts to promote fermentation. Finally, he adds a sugar-rich mixture to facilitate the fermentation, such as molasses, panela or granulated sugar. The mixture is sealed and fermented for 8 days.

More on the Passion Fruit Washed
Processing Method

Compared to other cultivars, purple caturra was chosen for its naturally high sugar content - which is vital in a variety of processing procedures.

As the name suggests, passion fruit is used in this processing method.

However, rather than crudely fermenting the coffees alongside passionfruits, Snr Rodrigo Sanchez uses lactic acid bacteria and yeasts formed from various parent bacteria cultures like Saccharomyces cerevisiae and lactic acid bacteria using microbes found in the environment. These bacterias and yeasts were fed with passion fruit during cultivaiton.

Passion fruit adds not only flavour, but it also acts as sugar, allowing the mother cultures to continue to grow. To achieve the desired pH and sugar levels, the mother cultures must be grown for roughly 190

At The Crackpots, we always try to help beginners and advanced drinkers alike to understand more about coffees. One of our efforts is to explain the various cryptic names of coffees which could be confusing.

Here’s a breakdown of this coffee:


Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country in South America.


Huila is a department/region in southern Colombia.

Finca Monteblanco

The farm’s name, where finca means estate/ranch/farm in Spanish.

Rodrigo Sanchez

The owner of Finca Monteblanco.

Passion Fruit Washed

A processing method where the coffee is fermented with passionfruit and cholupa to produce unique sweet, fruity flavors.

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