Colombia Huila Gesha Espiritu Blanc
Colombia Huila Gesha Espiritu Blanc

Colombia Huila Gesha Espiritu Blanc

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Tasting Note: Floral Bomb | Lemon Zest | Bergamot | Earl Grey

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
Gesha Anaerobic Honey

Size: 150g

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brews

Ever since the Gesha varietals are introduced to Colombia farmers, it has quickly become the golden apple of many eyes. 

What we have here is a gesha that has gone through special processing where the skins are removed and the cherries with the flesh are fermented in an anaerobic environment for around 150hrs before being dried on the patios under the sun for 18 days. To add another layer of complexity to the aroma of the coffee, the cherries are dried alongside lemongrass during the drying process.

Purists may want to swipe left and move on, but if you're someone who gets excited for interesting processing methods - here's your Colombia Huila Gesha Espiritu Blanc semi-washed anaerobic!

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