Costa Rica Canet Chopin F1
Costa Rica Canet Chopin F1

Costa Rica Canet Chopin F1

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Tasting Note: Red Florals | Blueberries | Dried Mango | Caramel

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
F1 Hybrid
Raisin Honey

Size: 200g / 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brew / Modern Espresso

To those who have been following the Taiwanese specialty coffee scene, the Musician Series is not a stranger. Named after popular classical musicians, each of the coffees from the Musician Series undergoes different processing methods that highlight different flavours - even when they are from the same farm!

As more and more roasters are offering the musician series, we chose to offer only one - Chopin, because it is the only coffee from the series that is produced with F1 Hybrid coffee.

F1 hybrid coffee refers to the selective breeding of a coffee by cross-breeding two different parent plants; it is an important step in the current progression of coffee farming to fight climate change - ensuring coffee farmers from areas that are getting warmer can continue to produce good quality coffee.

Additional Notes on Raisin Honey Processing Method

Given the many "infused" coffee available in the market, one might simply guess that the "Raisin Honey" processing method involves adding raisins (or essence) into the tank during the fermentation process.

If only if it is so easy. 

In fact, raisin honey process involves an extra step before the usual fermentation takes place: the coffee cherries went through dehydration to achieve raisin-like form. This ensures that the delicious liquids produced from the fermentation later would be absorbed by the dehydrated coffee cherries rather than being discarded (throwing the liquids/water away is usually the practice).

After that, the skins and flesh of the coffees are removed before being dried under the sun, leaving only a thin layer of mucilage on the seeds during the drying stage - therefore "honey" process.

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