Ethiopia Bench Maji Geisha Special Natural
Ethiopia Bench Maji Geisha Special Natural

Ethiopia Bench Maji Geisha Special Natural

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Tasting Note: Tropical Fruit Punch | Winey | Passion Fruit | Gummy

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
Landrace Gesha Winey Natural

 Size: 200g / 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brews / Modern Espresso

At the very beginning, the Gesha varietal was famed for their outstandingly delicate flavours, whether they underwent the classic washed or natural processing methods.

It has since enjoyed a prestigious position in many specialty drinker's eyes, even until today - so much that investor would establish and dedicate a whole estate and farm named Gesha Village in the Gesha region.

Guess what?

We have got our hands (again!) on a Gesha from its native terroir, Bench Maji! To add to the excitement, it is underwent a special fermentation and then sun-dried (natural process). The fermentation level was pushed a little further to highlight even more notes of wine and tropical fruits.

Grab them before they are gone!

On the Naming of the Coffee

At The Crackpots Coffee Roaster, we always try to help beginners and advanced drinkers alike to understand more about coffees. One of our efforts is to explain the various cryptic names of coffees which could be confusing.

Here’s a breakdown of this coffee:


Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a country in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia is said to be where all coffees come from, and coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition which dates back dozens of centuries.

Bench Maji

Bench Maji is one of the fourteen zones of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region. It is now officially renamed as Bench Sheko!


An Ethiopian heirloom varietal found near the village of Gesha. It was brought back to the West during the colonial era for research purposes and gained a lot of attention since.

Winey Natural

A name given based on the level of fermentation during the drying process, where the fermentation was adjusted to highlight tropical fruit notes and wine-ness.

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