Ethiopia Guji G1 Noble Winey
Ethiopia Guji G1 Noble Winey
Ethiopia Guji G1 Noble Winey

Ethiopia Guji G1 Noble Winey

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Tasting Note: Peach | Berries | Muscat Grapes | Kyoho Grapes | Oolong Tea

Varietal: Heirloom

Processing Method: Noble Winey Natural

Growing Altitude: 2300m

Special experimental processing in the house! This processing method experimentation was initiated by Pebble Coffee, a Taiwanese coffee company, who often works directly with farmers and washing stations for interesting coffees.

The experimental processing method of this Ethiopia Guji G1 Noble Winey was inspired by Trockenbeerenauslese wines (often called “TBA” for short) which undergo an interesting process called noble rot.

Unlike the usual drying practice with full sunlight, the Guji G1 Noble Rot was dried under shades for an extremely long time each day, with only two to three hours of sunlight each day; the entire drying process took 50-60 days. In the midst of the drying process, the fully red cherries underwent interesting colour changes. They were then covered with a layer of whitish fungus, similar to the German noble rot wines.

This particular experiment required careful monitoring to avoid over-fermentation, therefore the washing station was requested to allow limited yet balanced sunlight during the drying process, as well as constantly turning the cherries on the raised beds.

The extraordinarily long processing period indirectly translates into high managing maintenance and cost. Fortunately, the long, extensive haul fruited into a rich, complex yet extremely clean - noble winey coffee!




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