Ethiopia Kochere Biloya Deboya Washed
Ethiopia Kochere Biloya Deboya Washed

Ethiopia Kochere Biloya Deboya Washed

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Tasting Note: Oriental Lily | Red Berries | Orange | Lemon Tea

Varietals Processing Method  Altitude
Heirloom Washed 1900-2000m

Size: 200g / 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brews / Modern Espresso

Die-hard fans of a clean and floral washed Ethiopian coffee? Here's your elixir!

We selected this coffee out of after multiple cupping sessions and countless coffees during our visit to International Coffee Show 2023 in Taiwan, because this is a high quality classic washed coffee that we will want to share with our fellow crackpots.

Special processing methods and infused coffees are on the rise, and the traditional processing methods like washed, honey and natural processes are often side-lined or overshadowed although special processings are often overwhelmingly single dimensional in their taste profiles.

Therefore, it is our wish to keep sharing good classic coffees for our fellow crackpots to keep their mind open - much like music, loud and overwhelming ones are great every once in a while, but it's the elegant and nuanced that will hit home.

Feel like trying this special coffee? Order a filter brew at our place and see if you like them! Our retail space is located in USJ1 (near Subang SS15 area / Damen Mall).

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