Ethiopia Kochere Saona 2020
Ethiopia Kochere Saona 2020

Ethiopia Kochere Saona 2020

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Size: 200g (whole beans)

Tasting Note: Lemon Zest | Lychee | Orange Blossom | Bergamot | Yuzu | Honey

Varietal: Heirloom

Processing Method: Washed

Growing Altitude: 1900 – 2000m


Ever since the Yirgacheffe region became the apple of many’s eyes since a decade ago, it has become somewhat difficult to re-discover that wow factor which captivated many coffee drinkers. Maybe it’s the soil, maybe it’s the age of the trees, maybe it’s the fame and popularity which gave birth to sub-par farmers who jumped on the bandwagon.

Ethiopia Kochere Saona® is different.

Out of more than 20 stations, Saona EXP19/02 outshines the other from the same late harvest with its elegant profile of a classic washed Yirgacheffe coffee. Quality farming techniques, high altitude, fertile soil condition, excellent processing method, well-thought storage facilities – all these point to an outstanding coffee even among stiff competitions from other amazing Ethiopian coffees.

Kochere, on the other hand, is an independent coffee producing zone designated by the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), which testifies its potential as a specialty producing zone. After 8 hours of travel by car from the capital city to Yirgacheffe where the altitude is more than 1800m high, coffee hunters need to move another 50km down south to reach the Kochere region full of hills and valleys – thus the name “Valley of Wind”, originating from the word “Salaqo Nafasa” in the Ethiopian language; Salaqo means a river valley and Nafasa means wind.

If you’re looking to re-discover that love at first taste of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffees, you might not want to miss this.


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