Ethiopia Uraga Tome Feku Jiberil
Ethiopia Uraga Tome Feku Jiberil

Ethiopia Uraga Tome Feku Jiberil

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Tasting Note: Blueberry | Peach | Bergamot | Pineapple

Varietal: Heirloom

Processing Method: Natural

Growing Altitude: 1800m

Single origin goodness from the town of Tomme within the famous Guji zone! This coffee offers a tinge of tropical excitement with the usual berry-like acidity found in natural processed Ethiopian coffees. Depending on your personal preference, this coffee is versatile as both filter and espresso brews. When in doubt, go Ethiopian!

Feku Jiberil’s washing station supports almost 600 family-owned farms around it, where most of the coffee farmers harvest only fully ripe cherries before sending the harvests to Feku’s washing station. The cherries are then sorted, pulped and dried on raised beds to ensure balanced ventilation during the drying process. The cherries on the raised beds are also turned every once in a while to ensure all surfaces receive enough sunlight.

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