Kenya Kiambu Ritho Wamuguma AA
Kenya Kiambu Ritho Wamuguma AA

Kenya Kiambu Ritho Wamuguma AA

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Tasting Note: Red Berries | Candied Plum | Bright | Clean

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
SL28 / SL34

Size: 200g

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brews

Ever since we happily slipped and fell into the caffeine rabbit hole, we have always heard nothing but good things about Kenyan coffees according to the internet anecdotes, especially the washed ones. In our excitement, we explored Kenyan washed, and like many beginners - we ended up scrunching our faces by the extremely acidic notes.

There were a few reasons to that, but we later realize that roasting Kenyan coffees to be sweet is actually challenging, and it's difficult to come across master roasters who could consistently produce such results. We are not saying that our roast is the best, but we are liking our latest Kenyan releases so far (the other one is a natural from Nyeri) in comparison to many other Kenyans that we have released in the past.

As a side note, Kiambu coffees have slowly become our favourite from Kenya although they are not as well-known as coffees from Nyeri or Kirinyaga regions. Our current Kiambu offering from Wamuguma washing station stands out because of its highly sweet flavour and blackcurrant notes with darkberries acidity.

On the Naming of the Coffee

At The Crackpots, we always try to help beginners and advanced drinkers alike to understand more about coffees. One of our efforts is to explain the various cryptic names of coffees which could be confusing.

Here’s a breakdown of this coffee:


Officially called the Republic of Kenya, is a country in East Africa. Home to vigorous wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos.


Former central province of Kenya, second-most populated county after Nairobi. Famous for fertile soil and plenty of rainfall that allows two harvests, making it easier to sustain as a coffee grower.


A Farmer's Cooperative Society (FCS) formed by the Wamuguma and Handege factories in 1972. Currently has 2,548 active members with 43 tonnes of green coffee production per year on a total of 499 hectares of plantations.


Located in the Gatundu District, Wamuguma factory is a processing station named after Muguma, a local dignitary who loved coffee so much that he generously supported the local community's coffee endeavours.


AA is a grade where the screen size of the beans is rated at 17/18 according to Kenyan's coffee processing standard. Other grades are: E, PB, AA, AB, C, TT, T MH/ML.


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