Kenya Murang’a Kamagogo AB Washed
Kenya Murang’a Kamagogo AB Washed

Kenya Murang’a Kamagogo AB Washed

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Size: 200g (whole beans)

Tasting Note: Pine nut | Green Apple| Orange | Honey | Black Tea

Varietal: SL28/SL34/Ruiru 11

Processing Method: Washed

Growing Altitude: 1800m


Kenyan coffee is like poison to some, but medicine to others. Those who hated Kenyan coffee rather die than drinking it; those who love it, die for it.

So, what’s so special about Kenyan coffee? In short, the acidity.

Kenyan coffee is (in)famous for being one of the coffees with the brightest acidity which would cause a knee jerk reaction when it is not roasted with care; but it is very delicious when the coffees are well developed to balance the bright acidity with the intense sweetness contained naturally in these amazing little beans.

Brief Introduction to Kamagogo
Kamagogo washing station was established back in 1986 within a traditional tea plantation at the Murang’a. Today, Kamagogo collaborates with Coffee Management Services (CMS) to encourage quality farming via farmer training, input access, and annual distribution of handbooks and Good Agricultural Practices seminars. One of their main objectives is to increase education and transparency in the coffee farming industry for the growth and sustainability of the specialty coffee farmers.

Processing Methods
Understanding the tedious processing methods of coffee seeds helps us to appreciate all the hard works that go into the cup of amazing coffee we drink every day. During harvest seasons, farmers would pick and send ripe cherries to Kamagogo for pulping (mechanically removing the cherries from the coffee seed) before 24 hours of fermentation. Once the fermentation is done, the seeds will then be washed in clean water before being dried on African raised bed for three weeks. During the three weeks, the processing station would turn the cherries frequently to ensure the coffees are equally dried. Any noticeable defects are sorted out during this period as well.

Any long time Kenyan-coffee lovers would have known that blackcurrant and plum are the signature tasting notes in a typical Kenyan coffee. What surprises us with this washed Muranga Kamagogo AB is that it carries a pleasant green apple aroma, as well as a tongue tingling citric acidity.

Veteran Kenyan drinker or not, why not challenge your palate for a little bit? 


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