Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kiaguthu AA Natural
Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kiaguthu AA Natural

Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kiaguthu AA Natural

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Tasting Note: Dark Berries | Mulberry | Blackcurrant | Hint of Blueberries

Varietal Processing Method  Altitude
SL28/SL34/Ruiru 11/Batian

Size: 200g / 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brews / Modern Espresso


Rare and sweet natural processed coffee from Kenya! If you have always been hunting good Kenyans that is bright yet balanced (not sharply acidic), you might not want to miss this natural Kenyan that many described as unsweetened ribena - dark berries and blackcurrant goodness!

It is produced by Kiaguthu washing station, one of the first stations owned by the Othaya FCS (Farmers' Cooperative Society) and was established in 1964, the year Kenya gained independence. Regarded as one of the top coffee producers from Nyeri, Othaya FCS now owns approximately 19 "factories" with many of them becoming a brand of their own - Rukira, Thuti, Chinga, Ichamama, Kiaga, and Gitundu to name a few.

Why are natural processed Kenyans rare?

Being one of the best coffees in the world for many years, Kenyan coffees vibe is akin to French wines - there is a very conservative system involving farms, mills, auction houses and green dealers who have very specific expectations about processing methods, which is usually the clean and bright washed coffees.

Only a handful of processing stations took the risk and care to produce natural Kenyans since there are fewer prospective buyers; but when they do, the results are usually amazing.

If you're a Kenyan lover, rejoice! This season, we are offering two Kenyans that we think are the best Kenyans we have had yet at The Crackpots. Apart from this natural coffee from Kiaguthu, the other one is a washed from Wamuguma

 On the Naming of the Coffee

At The Crackpots, we always try to help beginners and advanced drinkers alike to understand more about coffees. One of our efforts is to explain the various cryptic names of coffees which could be confusing.

Here’s a breakdown of this coffee:


Officially called the Republic of Kenya, is a country in East Africa. Home to vigorous wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos.


Nyeri is a county located in the central region of Kenya, where the capital and largest town is Nyeri town.


Othaya Farmers' Cooperative Society - one of the top coffee producing society in Nyeri.


Kiaguthu washing station (est. 1964), one of the first stations owned by the Othaya FCS (Farmers' Cooperative Society).

AA Natural

AA is a grade where the screen size of the beans is rated at 17/18 according to Kenyan's coffee processing standard. Other grades are: E, PB, AA, AB, C, TT, T MH/ML.

Natural process in coffee usually means that the coffee is sun-dried in whole without removing the flesh and skins of the cherries.  

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