Nicaragua Finca Los Placeres Funky Natural
Nicaragua Finca Los Placeres Funky Natural
Nicaragua Finca Los Placeres Funky Natural

Nicaragua Finca Los Placeres Funky Natural

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Tasting Note: Tropical Fruits | Plum | Cherry | Hints of Wine

Varietal Processing Method Altitude
Tricolor Funky Natural

Size: 200g / 1kg

Brewing Recommendation: Filter Brew / Modern Espresso

The Mierisch family has been farming coffee in Nicaragua for over 100 years since Sir Bruno Mierisch and his sons started ploughing the lands in Matagalpa regions. Their dedication to produce exceptional coffee across generations has led them to expand and run nine farms across Nicaragua and three farms in Honduras. Wow!

Finca Los Placeres is the only farm by the Mierisch family with a Rainforest Alliance certification, covering a land size of 169 hectares, inclusive of 28 hectares of protected rainforest. This means that the products from the farms are produced ethically with special care over the sustainability of the rainforest systems, including those who live in and by it. 

In recent years, the Mierisch family has been experimenting with various processing methods and coffee varietals in search of better and better coffee production. The current funky natural coffee came looking funky in its raw state too - with three visibly different colours in its appearance (as shown in the third product image).

On the Naming of the Coffee

At The Crackpots Coffee Roaster, we always try to help beginners and advanced drinkers alike to understand more about coffees. One of our efforts is to explain the various cryptic names of coffees which could be confusing.

Here’s a breakdown of this coffee:


Nicaragua is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. 

Los Placeres Finca Los Placeres is a farm owned by the Mierisch family. It literally means "the pleasures"!
Funky Natural An experimental processing method by the producer. This coffee smells winey and has three different colour in its raw state.

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